A Novel of Inspiration, Patriotism, and Romance

QUENTON FRONT COVER -- NICE AND SHARP FROM CD FOR KINDLE - croppedDiscovering a terrorist plot and risking your life to stop it before three U.S. cities are destroyed, receiving a visitation from an angel with important information from the Lord, falling in love with someone halfway around the world — through the help of a rusty old computer — and learning that it’s never too late to give your life to Jesus Christ.  What more could any reader want from one book?

QUENTON’S HONOR (by me) has it all, and it’s just waiting at the Amazon Kindle Store to be snatched up by readers for their Kindles, Nooks, iPads, tablets, iPhones, and Androids. The novel has been out in paperback edition for several years, but this month saw its debut in digital format, and it’s available only on Amazon.

If you’re looking for a fresh, inspiring reading experience, check it out.
It’s worth $3.99 — even if I do say so myself.

You can also visit the “Quenton’s Honor” Facebook page to meet the characters and learn more about the book.

(Paperback version is currently available from St. Ellen Press, but will also be available on Amazon in June.)



God’s Angel Protects Us


Let this message and powerful photo from “Pure Glory” soak into your spirit and soul today, giving you unshakable confidence in God’s protection.

Originally posted on Pure Glory:

iurby Hazel Straub

There is no need for anxious fear. Cry out to God and he will answer, when you have come to the end of yourself. He desires for you to live in freedom. from all your fears. Depend on him, not yourself!

Pray! He will never fail you. No never!

God’s angel sets up a circle
of protection around us while we pray. (Psalm 34:7 MSG)

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Honoring My Mom the Poet

TMOM'S PIC - SEPIA TINThis Mother’s Day, I’d like to honor my mom (who has been in Heaven with the Lord for over 30 years now) by sharing one of her original poems with you. I still miss my mother every day, but I do not grieve. I have the glad assurance that when I have run my race and come to the end of my own earthly journey, I will be with her once again and enjoy her company for eternity.

My mom wrote most of her poetry about “ordinary” people and “ordinary” events in life. To her, it was those simple things that made life truly precious and, therefore, made it “extraordinary.”

This little poem is one she wrote about being a mother and bringing up children. I thought it was particularly appropriate for today:

by Vera Faye Pavloff

Children are a gift from God above
For us to cherish and shower with love.

To be cared for and taught how to mind;
This is not easy, so soon we find.

Having patience with a wee little one
Is winning a battle that’s only begun.

Time spent with them is seldom too much
For knowing your child and keeping in touch —

For teaching them how to love one another,
And to always be kind to sister and brother.

You listen to all the stories they tell,
Add one of your own with something to sell.

Giving them freedom and time to dream
Is not quite so foolish as it may seem.

Persuade and guide them along the way,
And take time out to hope and pray

That they develop both character and mind —
One to your liking and much refined.

To show that you care and stay in command
You must use a firm but gentle hand.

When they’re older and much troubled too,
Help them by being both honest and true.

Part of the burden they really must bear
Much too often we think we should share.

Yes, raising a child is a pleasure for sure;
For each little crisis there is a cure.

When they worry to their wits’ end,
Always remember it’s on you they depend.

Bring them up in the ways of the Lord
And give them what you can afford.

When they accomplish whatever they do,
You know that you have accomplished too.

© Very Faye Pavloff 1970

And to all of you mothers out there who are reading this post: I wish you a terrific, jubilant, carefree, and memorable Mother’s Day, 2015!

3 Poems to Encourage Your Faith

Exif JPEGSeveral of my creative writing students like to write a lot about the Lord and the things He’s revealed to them in their personal walk of faith. The links below are to poems by two of those writers, published in Debut Writers Journal.  I believe my readers here will enjoy them as well.  If you do enjoy the poems or are blessed by them, please leave the writers a comment on their individual poem pages to encourage them in their efforts to share the Lord with readers.

by Richard T. Tierney

by Melinda Ashley

by Melinda Ashley


Guest Writer — Anne Herron — ‘A Storm in the Night’

Clouds & Sky 129This memoir is one of the new entries in the Debut Writers Journal, where many of my creative writing students have their works published. It is a wonderful testimony to God’s care and protection of His children, and I thought my readers would enjoy it as well.

by Anne Herron


A Recipe for Love that Lasts through Generations

Originally posted on DEBUT WRITERS JOURNAL:

This week, many of us are gearing up to celebrate “Mother’s Day” next Sunday. In keeping with that subject, in our “Articles” section of Debut Writers Journal, one mom shares her recipe for creating love in her family that will last through generations. To read about her plan and its success, follow the link below:

by Susan Miller


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Trouble With the New Editor Window

Normally, I use the old editor window to create and publish my posts. I DO NOT like the new one. However, I’ve noticed this past month that even when I publish from the old editor, if I try to “edit” the post later, WP gives me no choice but to use the new editor window.

That being the case, I assume they are switching over to the new one completely very soon, so I’ve been trying to publish from it as well. But I often cannot get it to publish my posts when I tell it to. I keep telling it to publish “Immediately,” but it keeps trying to schedule a post for a later time. I have the problem most on this “Hangin’ Out With God” blog, but I have it part of the time on my “In Love With Words” site as well.

Is anyone else having the same trouble?

I’m supposed to start a new blogging class soon, teaching several students how to create and maintain a blog, and I normally have my students use WordPress — mainly because the people who blog here are so friendly and interactive.  But if the editor window is not going to work correctly, I’m not going to be able to have my students use WP. They’ll be defeated before they start.

I can’t seem to find any place that lets me actually talk to a real technician who might KNOW what he’s talking about. All I can find are windows to type in a question to ask about the problem on a forum. One other blogger on a forum shared her ideas of possible solutions, but they didn’t work, and she’s as fed up with all this so-called “improved” stuff they’ve loaded us down with as I am.

If anyone has found a solution to the problem — or you know how I can actually communicate with a WP technician — let me know.

What I really wish — along with thousands of other bloggers apparently — is that they would just go back to what they had before this year and let us get back to simple blogging. Since all the changes, it takes at least 2 or 3 clicks in different places to get to things that were one click away before. And then things don’t work correctly.

If you have any practical advice, I’d appreciate your sharing it.

Thanks a lot.

Does God REALLY Care About You?

TERRY'S TINY PURPLE STRIPThe God who took the time and effort to put so much beauty into such a tiny flower is the God who cares about every little part of you and your life.

“Therefore, humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God … casting the whole of your care on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully.”  (Amp.)

By the way, did you notice God’s definition of the word “humble”?
So many people seem to think that to be humble means  to look down on ourselves and consider ourselves worthless subjects who deserve all the problems we’re facing — to say of ourselves that we’re not worthy for God to help us.  However, God says true humility is the understanding that we cannot fix our own problems, but that we have a Father who loves us so much that He wants to fix all of them for us. So true humility gladly and with great thanksgiving, turns every problem, care, and anxiety over to Him — fully expecting Him to deliver us.