Daily Post Prompt: Abandoned — ‘Start Abandoning Things Today’

MAN LEAPING IN AIRAbandon your fears. Abandon your insecurities. Abandon your doubts. Abandon your past failures. Abandon the negative words others have spoken concerning your abilities or your future. Abandon the so-called ‘friends’ who do not help draw you to your best and highest.

Life is too short to live it in fear, doubt, and the faulty judgments of other people. If you’re going to get anything out of this life, you’re going to have to put a lot into it. And you can’t do that if you’re constantly afraid or second-guessing because of past failures or someone else’s opinions.

Stand up and lay hold of this day in faith. God made you, so He loves you. And because He made you, He obviously has a plan for you. So get hold of Him today (you can find Him by calling on Jesus Christ) and find out what His delightful plan is for your life. Then get started carrying it out.

Abandon what is negative, dark, and destructive. Seize what is positive, light, and life-giving. Then go out there and LIVE!


Daily Post Prompt: Abandoned


No Man Is An Island

The poem below has a title borrowed from the English poet John Donne. It was not the title of a separate poem by Donne, but instead was a line included in his “Meditation XVII,” which was from a longer work entitled “Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions.” My poem, I hope, gives a modern view of the basic truth of the “oneness” of our human race to which he referred in his own immortal words.


public domain ambulance imageA siren wails,
And in our modest town,
From one end to the next,
We hear its cry.

And though we try
To keep our focus sharp
Upon the tasks at hand,
We feel the pain.

We know the strain
Of facing hurt and fear,
Of crisis, loss, and tears,
And wonder – who?

Naught we can do,
Except to pray for God,
Who knows the victim’s name,
To give His aid.

And prayer being made,
We focus once again
On our own lives, until
A siren wails.





Recent Message by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

This man is a true hero. In the face of insurmountable odds, he has stood firm for the God-given rights of his nation and his people, and he has done so with honor, integrity, honesty, and courage. He has recently been misused, abused, and maligned by the leadership in the United States, but he still responds in a peaceful and honorable manner. He truly is a man of peace, but if the rest of the world keeps insisting on tearing apart his nation and giving a portion of it to evil, terroristic, murderous nations, he will fight them to the end — and since God is irrevocably on Israel’s side, that end will be devastating for Israel’s enemies.

The following is a tweet from his site today.




Why Travel Alone?

My sister, Brenda Calvert, loves to travel — and she does a LOT of it — both in our home country, the U.S., and around the rest of the world as well. She is also a natural-born teacher, and she has been able to share helpful information and tips with many other people about how single people can travel alone, feel totally secure, and have loads of fun. So we finally convinced her to start a blog where people can visit and enjoy all that she has to share. I hope some of my readers will visit her at her new home on the Internet and welcome her to WordPress.

Brenda Travels Solo

Why would anyone want to go on a vacation by herself? There are many answers to this question. For me, it is mostly about the ability to get the most of what “I” want out of my money and time as I travel.

Traveling with a group or with a best friend can be lots of fun. However, as much as I truly enjoy those trips, I often choose to take most of my larger trips solo. When I travel alone, I can decide exactly where I want to go on the journey — the final destination and points in between. For some trips, I prefer driving, some flying, and some on Amtrak (love train travel!). Making these decisions about where I go and by what mode I travel goes a long way in determining the final cost of the trip.

Paris 2013 (I) 003 Hotel Londres Eiffel

Lodging can also be tricky if…

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Re-Run From Holy Week, 2014: Nathaniel’s Answer




Nathaniel was a man who knew no guile.
He walked with Jesus, loved Him all the while.
When first he heard His name, a question posed,
But waited ’til the answer was disclosed.

“From Nazareth can any good come forth?”
He asked of those who knew that city’s worth.
He asked for meditation, not reply,
Yet found the answer true in Jesus’ eyes.

And although from the garden he did run
With others as they scattered one by one,
As Roman guards led Jesus, bound, away,
There came a reckoning after the third day.

As Mary ran to spread the glorious news,
Nathaniel, hidd’n with others, all confused,
Received her words with doubt, and hope, and fear,
And hungered so His Master’s voice to hear.

Then Jesus stood among them, His work done:
Salvation for the world from Nazareth comes.


(Scripture Reference: John 1: 45-51, John 20)




Two-Word Tuesday: Jehovah Saves

STAR OF DAVID - RED CROSS for logoI’m actually fudging a little (well, okay, a lot) on this “two-word” Tuesday post. I do want to highlight the two words “Jehovah Saves,” but it’s going to take a few more words to say what the Lord has put on my heart this Tuesday. It’s about that word “saves,”  or “salvation.”  I’ve written about the meaning of that word previously, but we can never be reminded enough of just how complete and all-encompassing the Lord has made the finished work of Jesus.

The word salvation, as it is used in both the Old and New Testament, means much more than just the forgiveness of sins so that we can someday live with the Lord in Heaven. There are two main Hebrew roots from which the word is taken in Old Testament scriptures, and there is one main Greek root that is translated “salvation” or “save” in the New Testament. In both the Hebrew roots and the Greek root, the word “salvation” includes the following definitions:

To set free, deliver, aid, heal, prosper, protect, make whole, provide for one’s welfare.

The name “Jesus” is actually derived from a Hebrew root (and is sometimes translated as Joshua as well as Jesus.) But to be more specific, the name is derived from a combination of two Hebrew words that mean “Jehovah Saves” (heals, delivers, sets free, etc). And when we read the word “salvation” in a passage of scripture, we need to think much bigger than some vague concept of being free from guilt and condemnation so “someday” we can reach Heaven.

We need to take advantage of everything that word means because our Father God — and our Lord Jesus Christ — have paid an indescribable price to give us the whole package.  Let’s remember every time we see that word that we can — and should — correctly include every part of what the Lord gives us in “salvation” — healing, deliverance, freedom, protection, prosperity, welfare — and know that Jesus’ finished work provides it all.