ME - P. HENDRICKS' PIC - for JAKE - more redWelcome!  My name is Sandra Conner, and I am the host of “Hangin’ Out With God.”  I am an author, a newspaper reporter, a teacher, a musician, and an ordained minister. I am the founder of Radical About Jesus Ministries and a regular contributor to the “Healing From Jesus” blog, which is hosted by Radical About Jesus Ministries.

This blog, “Hangin’ Out With God,” is dedicated to helping, encouraging, and lifting up the people who visit here.  Everything we need is in God and His Word, so as we ‘hang out’ with Him and enjoy the God of the universe, He will meet us, reveal Himself to us, deliver us, heal us, set us free, and transform us into the persons He originally made us to be.

Thanks for joining me here.

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