Copyright/Use of Material

Unless otherwise designated, all of the material on this site is copyrighted to Sandra Conner.  Anyone wishing to reprint or use any part of that material is welcome to send a comment requesting permission.

2 thoughts on “Copyright/Use of Material

  1. Hi Sandra, I found the picture of the single church pew by the sunny window on Do you own the copyright? I am helping an elderly retired minster put together a book of his teachings. The image would be perfect for the cover. May we use it?


    1. The copyright is not mine. It is part of a program of pictures and clipart that was purchased and included the rights to use it. I’d say if it is on, it is for public use. I hope he enjoys seeing it on his book cover. I love the picture and have used it for several things. One of the most popular projects I’ve used it for is a set of greeting cards. It should make a great book cover.


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