My First Venture Into YouTube Posts

Well, this week, I finally took the plunge to learn how to set up a YouTube account and channel — and then start posting videos. I began with the audio of healing scriptures read by my father. Of course, I had to add still pictures and convert them into what YouTube calls a “movie.” It took a while, but I finally jumped through all the hoops successfully.

Unfortunately, on my old operating system and browser, some of the YouTube videos sound scratchy, and this one does as well. However, on my laptop, with a newer operating system and browser, it sounds great. So if any of you do hop over and listen to it, let me know what you found as far as sound quality.

Thanks a lot. I’m believing the Lord to use it to minister to many people.



A ‘Right On’ Message from Pastor Joseph Prince

During my own ministry of over 40 years, I have found that praying in tongues has been one of the greatest comforts and one of the most powerful tools of the Spirit in carrying out the work God has called me to do. This short excerpt from Pastor Prince’s message is a ‘right on’ word for the church at large, and since it is available on this YouTube project, I am sharing it with my readers here.