Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry


This picture represents an excellent example of several aspects of the use of geometry.  I thought it was also fitting, considering that the celebration of Hanukkah is less than 6 weeks away.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming



Have you been dreaming?   Then follow your dream. Don’t give up on it. Be like your Creator. God had a dream. His dream was to have a family – an entire species of beings made exactly in His own image – speaking spirits – with free minds and free wills – who could dream, imagine, decide, and act, just as He could. Beings who could love as He loved. So He created that species. He created us for the purpose of loving us and being loved by us – according to His own Word on the subject. Unfortunately, we did not cooperate, so the dream cost God much more than it was ever intended to cost – and much more than He should have had to pay. It cost Him the sacrifice of His only-begotten Son.

But for God, the dream was worth whatever it cost. And as a result, the dream has come true – through Jesus Christ, His finished sacrifice, and the eternal life He earned for all of us – and that He freely gives to all of us who will surrender to Him. When we take Jesus as Lord, we are truly “born again” into the family of God. He has a real family now – one who loves Him. Oh, we may not be quite as perfect in our thinking and our actions as we need to be. But our hearts are like His, and that’s what it took to fulfill the dream. God will work with us from this point on and eventually, we will think, speak, and act just as He does as well.

I hope YOU are following YOUR dreams. I hope you’re not letting the cost of those dreams cause you to give up on them. If those dreams are in line with God and His love, they have every potential and every opportunity for fulfillment.  Because – with God’s help – if you can dream it, you can do it!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment


A Fleeting Moment:

As for man, his days are as grass: as a flower of the field, so he flourisheth. For the wind passeth over it, and it is gone; and the place thereof shall know it no more.” (Ps. 103:15-16).

In this “fleeting moment” known as life on this earth, let us be diligent to open our hearts to the One Person who can offer us a life that is not fleeting, but rather is eternal. Jesus Christ offers His own life – everlasting life — to anyone who will receive Him as Lord. We can make our “fleeting moment” on this earth count for eternity if we will only allow the One who is “the way, the truth, and the life” to give us all of Himself.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship


God intended for every creature He made to be ‘friends’ with one another.

I borrowed this photo from Rocky Ridge Refuge in Gassville, AR. (USA)  Click on the name to visit their website, find out about the work they do, and see more delightful pictures.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands


(I have reposted this one-act play – originally posted February, 2011 –  because I think the creative hand of God fits perfectly with the theme of this week’s photo challenge.)

(A Play in One Act, by Sandra Conner)

Time: Creation, Day 6

Place: Heaven, looking down at Earth

Participants: God, One Inquisitive Angel


Angel to God: “What are you doing, God?”

God: “Creating a man.”

Angel: “What are you going to do with him?

God: “Love him.”

Angel: “What will he do for you?”

God: “Give me pleasure.”

Angel: “Will he give you pleasure that is different from what the rest of your creation gives you?”

God: “Oh, yes.  He will be a speaking spirit just like me, who will have the ability to choose by his own free will to love me and communicate with me constantly.”

Angel: “Have you thought that he might use his free will to choose not to love you?  He could end up giving you a lot of trouble.”

God: “Oh yes, he will give me a lot of trouble.  But he is worth it!”

(May God help us to see ourselves as He sees us!)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused


The three pictures in this slide show tell a story about being “unfocused.

Picture One represents the Jesus that is camouflaged by centuries of the devil’s lies, irresponsible translations, and man’s traditions. Those things keep us from being able to focus on the real Jesus, the One who reveals Himself clearly and without confusion. The Jesus we see through the camouflage cannot inspire faith, and unbelievers find themselves wondering why they should even consider seeking a relationship with Him.

But Picture Two shows what happens when the true, unadulterated Word of God begins to be taught and absorbed in place of those deceptions.  The picture begins to clear, and our focus becomes sharper.

Picture Three shows the final result of allowing the Word to clear away all deception and show the world what the real Jesus Christ is like.  May we willingly set aside all preconceived ideas and concepts and feed upon that pure Word, allowing it to focus us on Him clearly and completely!

(Original picture is the work of  artist Jim Sutton at gospelgifs.com)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects


My home church has so many gifted and talented people, and for several years, the children’s ministry team have created, written, scored music for, and produced their own Vacation Bible School curricula. The “two subjects” of this photo are two of the characters in one of those series of curricula, called Keys to the Kingdom.  Featured are Cindy the “Coo-Coo” Bird and Harry the Gorilla.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey


This photo should remind us that even though sometimes life’s “journey” leads us through some pretty dark tunnels, we can always count on our God making sure there’s a big opening at the other end that takes us back into light and beauty.


(Photo courtesy of my sister Brenda Calvert)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged


This week I have borrowed a picture from BeautifulFreePictures.Com because it carries the message of Easter better than any photo I have taken personally.

When man rebelled against his Creator, he lost his opportunity to live with that holy Creator for eternity and was destined to be banished from His presence forever. But that loving God, who had not only created man, but longed for his companionship with all of His heart, had fore-knowingly “arranged” for a Savior to step in and take the punishment for man’s sin.

When that Savior came and lived a perfect life for man, then willingly went to the cross and died for man, accepting the separation from God that was part of the punishment, He did so in faith that what He and the Father had “arranged” would come to pass.  They had “arranged” that three days after the price was paid in full, Jesus would leave behind Him an empty tomb that bore witness of man’s total redemption.

As a result of that finished work, Jesus and the Father have also “arranged” for each one who will accept Jesus and His substitutionary sacrifice to also leave behind his own empty tomb and take up permanent residence in the presence of the Creator, to live with Him for eternity.