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Birds Remind Us of God’s Care

I love birds and really enjoy hearing them sing. I like watching them for a while, but if they are in one of their twitchy moods, that doesn’t relax me. Their songs and communication, though, always relax and refresh me. My friend Lee, over at Lee’s Birdwatching Adventures Plus has more gorgeous photos and more detailed information about birds than anyone else I know. You might like to visit her if you enjoy birds as well.

But the other day I came across this video of these gorgeous robins. And, I tell you, they are do darn cute that you just have to sit and watch them. So I thought I’d share the link with you and give a boost to your day.

The Word of God tells us in a number of places that the Creator cares very much for His birds, but that He cares for us even more. It’s just comforting and encouraging sometimes to sit and watch those little creatures and think about how God enjoys watching us — and watching over us — even more.




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