I’ve never touched a star;
Never tried to reach that far.
Perhaps my goals are all too short, too frail.

My dreams are all mundane:
Never seeking wealth or fame,
Nor for great contributions to be hailed.

But when all’s said and done,
I’ve loved folks – one by one –
And in the end, it’s Love that will prevail.




Peace? What Is It?


The most often used Hebrew word for “peace” in the Old Testament is one that means “safe, well, happy, prosperous, whole, complete.” When God gives us His own peace, He’s not talking about just helping us to calm down in the midst of bad situations, so that our heart beats at a normal rate and our stomach isn’t tied into knots. He’s talking about providing for all of our needs, at every level of our being. Don’t believe the Lord for only part of what you need. Believe Him for everything you need. “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits.” (Psalm 103:2).

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming



Have you been dreaming?   Then follow your dream. Don’t give up on it. Be like your Creator. God had a dream. His dream was to have a family – an entire species of beings made exactly in His own image – speaking spirits – with free minds and free wills – who could dream, imagine, decide, and act, just as He could. Beings who could love as He loved. So He created that species. He created us for the purpose of loving us and being loved by us – according to His own Word on the subject. Unfortunately, we did not cooperate, so the dream cost God much more than it was ever intended to cost – and much more than He should have had to pay. It cost Him the sacrifice of His only-begotten Son.

But for God, the dream was worth whatever it cost. And as a result, the dream has come true – through Jesus Christ, His finished sacrifice, and the eternal life He earned for all of us – and that He freely gives to all of us who will surrender to Him. When we take Jesus as Lord, we are truly “born again” into the family of God. He has a real family now – one who loves Him. Oh, we may not be quite as perfect in our thinking and our actions as we need to be. But our hearts are like His, and that’s what it took to fulfill the dream. God will work with us from this point on and eventually, we will think, speak, and act just as He does as well.

I hope YOU are following YOUR dreams. I hope you’re not letting the cost of those dreams cause you to give up on them. If those dreams are in line with God and His love, they have every potential and every opportunity for fulfillment.  Because – with God’s help – if you can dream it, you can do it!