Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused


The three pictures in this slide show tell a story about being “unfocused.

Picture One represents the Jesus that is camouflaged by centuries of the devil’s lies, irresponsible translations, and man’s traditions. Those things keep us from being able to focus on the real Jesus, the One who reveals Himself clearly and without confusion. The Jesus we see through the camouflage cannot inspire faith, and unbelievers find themselves wondering why they should even consider seeking a relationship with Him.

But Picture Two shows what happens when the true, unadulterated Word of God begins to be taught and absorbed in place of those deceptions.  The picture begins to clear, and our focus becomes sharper.

Picture Three shows the final result of allowing the Word to clear away all deception and show the world what the real Jesus Christ is like.  May we willingly set aside all preconceived ideas and concepts and feed upon that pure Word, allowing it to focus us on Him clearly and completely!

(Original picture is the work of  artist Jim Sutton at gospelgifs.com)

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