“Chrislam” = Blasphemy


Surprised? A little.
Saddened? Definitely.
But mostly I am fed up with this growing group of so-called Christian leaders who have aligned themselves with the Muslim faith and become supporters of the religion of  “Chrislam!” Compromisers, self-promoters, blasphemers, and wimps — all of them!

To even consider connecting the name of our beloved, compassionate, merciful, sacrificing Savior with the name of a religion that, in its own doctrinal books, promotes hatred and genocide for all who will not accept its tenets is absolute blasphemy!

No one — No one — No one of Muslim faith suffered and died for the entire human race, to take away our sins and gain our entrance into Heaven!!!  Allah most definitely did not, and he does not offer anyone a free salvation. There’s only One who died for us: Jesus Christ, the Jew — And He’s the One given “the only name under Heaven whereby we must [or can] be saved!” (Acts 4:12).

And no, Jehovah and Allah are most definitely not the same God!  Allah is the name of the moon god worshiped by all of Mohammed’s contemporaries and forefathers, and who was eventually elevated (by Mohammed personally) to the place of the “only god.”  Decades of extensive documentary and archeological research have proven the case against this name, even though modern-day Muslims conscientiously try to deny it and “disprove” it with more deception.  Allah is not the creator, nor is he the savior of the world.  He is, however, one of the false gods that the Word of God defines as “a devil.” (1 Cor. 10:20.)

Wake up, Church!  That “Angel of Light” the Word talks about is rapidly deceiving and seducing some of this nation’s most dynamic religious leaders. And that same deception will lead millions of their followers astray if we do not throw ourselves into fervent intercession and take our stand publicly, promoting the one and only true gospel of Jesus Christ!