Elizabeth Barrett Browning: “Out In The Fields With God”


Elizabeth Barrett Browning is one of my favorite poets.  In fact, she is one of my favorite people.  In preparation for my life’s work as a teacher and a writer, I naturally studied tons and tons of literature and history, and Elizabeth — along with her husband Robert — have always stood out to me like beacons in a usually dark and unloving world.  This poem is one that I have always identified with very closely, and I hope, as I post it here on my blog, that it allows you,  my readers  to ‘connect’ with it as well and draw the comfort and hope that it offers into your own lives.




The little cares that fretted me,
I lost them yesterday
Among the fields above the sea,
Among the winds that play,
Among the lowing of the herd,
The rustling of the trees,
Among the singing of the birds,
The humming of the bees.

The foolish fears of what might pass
I cast them all away
Among the clover-scented grass,
Among the new-mown hay,
Among the hushing of the corn,
Where drowsy poppies nod,
Where ill thoughts die and good are born —
Out in the fields with God.