Running With Jesus


Whom do you run with?  Is that terminology familiar to you? In some circles the term “running with” refers to spending one’s time frequently interacting with certain people — identifying with them — people who have similar interests and goals — the people we consider our best friends and buddies.

Sometimes the people we choose to “run with” make a huge difference in what we do with our lives, what advantages or disadvantages we fall heir to, and what other people think of us. Most people try to “run with” individuals or groups that make them feel comfortable, but occasionally someone gets courageous enough to “run with” another person because he presents a lifestyle that is challenging, exciting, or dangerous.

Personally, I like the company I “run with.” The head guy is Jesus Christ, and I’ve found that “running with” Him is  comfortable, but it is also challenging and exciting at the same time. Here’s just a small example of what life is like in that world:

Running with Jesus means giving instructions to trees and mountains and having them obey immediately.

Running with Jesus means always having plenty to eat, because we can multiply loaves and fishes any time.

Running with Jesus means always having enough money to pay my taxes or any other obligation because if there’s no money handy, I can always go fishing and get some.

Running with Jesus means telling angry storms to shut up and be quiet.

Running with Jesus means walking on the water.

Running with Jesus means telling the devil and his demons what bus to take and what stop to get off at.

Running with Jesus means loving people, feeding them when they’re hungry, and healing their hurting bodies.

Running with Jesus means forgiving others every time they mess up and giving them another chance.

Running with Jesus means praying constantly.

Running with Jesus means experiencing total peace and rest no matter what the circumstances.

Running with Jesus means having the Creator of the whole universe as my Father and knowing I am accepted and loved beyond words for eternity.

If you’re not already “running with” Jesus, why don’t you leave whatever group you are “running with” and join us. You’ll never be sorry.

“For those whom He foreknew, He also predestined to become conformed to the image of His Son ….” (Romans 8:29).


Inspirational Novel Series Has Something for Everyone


PIC FOR SM.MT. SERIES COVER - FBThe Smoky Mountain Series of inspirational novels has something for everyone. Each book follows the story of its main character as he learns to trust God and use His Word to win over the enormous challenges and struggles of life.

Each book also offers an element of romance because, let’s be real: romance is a very, very big part of life. Successful romance brings joy and completion. Unfulfilled romance causes confusion and despair. The longing for romance stirs up eagerness and hope. Unexpected romance brings surprise and excitement. Loss of romance produces pain and heartbreak. Whatever the affect of romance in our lives, it definitely plays a part at some point.

And the third element in each of these novels is family. As readers of the series, you will meet a whole community of family and friends who share their lives as they learn to overcome life’s problems with the power of God’s Word and who experience romance the way God intended it to be. This ever-increasing extended family of delightful, true-to-life characters will encourage your faith and your own commitment to living every part of life by God’s Word.

In Book # 1 – Set Free To Love – meet private detective Maddison Holt, who is so bound by grief, guilt, and self-incrimination that he feels unfit to love or to enjoy the gift of a woman’s love when the Lord offers it to him. His only hope is in learning to trust God’s Word anew and dig out of it the truths that will set him free. But freedom comes with its own challenges, and he must learn even more about using God’s Word to maintain his victory.

In Book # 2 – Cameron’s Rib – meet pastor Cameron McDaniels, who believes he has found the one woman who is the answer to his prayer for a helpmate. But she is still mourning the death of her former fiance and is afraid to love again. Cameron’s efforts to relieve her fears with his own love are not enough, and he must learn to fight the battle for her deliverance with God’s Word. Travel with this captivating couple from Illinois to Tennessee to Honduras and back as they find their answers and their victory.

Book # 3 – Repaired By Love – introduces Lionel Butler, an auto-mechanic and business owner, who has caused many a girl’s heart to flutter, but he never even notices because he’s convinced he’s destined to be a bad husband and father. His future looks bleak and hopeless. And because he’s convinced he can never believe in God, he feels he has nowhere to turn for help — until one woman of God touches his heart enough to soften it and open it to Jesus Christ.

Book # 4 – Jonah’s Song – introduces Cameron’s brother, Professor Jonah McDaniels — violinist, composer, conductor — who discovers love late in life and struggles with giving a place to his feelings. But after learning to set his heart free, he is suddenly faced with new, unexpected challenges in his life that threaten his new-found freedom and his long-awaited chance for happiness.

Book # 5 – This Fire In My Heart – is still in progress. It follows the story of Maddison Holt’s life-long friend, Cherokee minister Thomas Blaze of God Ross, as he faces his own challenges and discovers his own answers in the Holy Book as well. We’ll save any details of Book # 5 for later.

Each main character in the series faces situations that are impossible in the natural, but God has a plan. God always has a plan. And if we will just believe Him and throw our whole being into cooperating with Him, He will lead us to victory. So come read the stories of Maddison, Cameron, Lionel, Jonah, and Blaze, and let God’s great plan for restoring their lives inspire and encourage your own heart and life as well.

The Smoky Mountain Series is now coming to the Kindle Store on Book # 1 is available at this link, and Book # 2 will be online in one week, with Books 3 and 4 following close behind. So power up that Kindle, Nook, laptop, iPad, or iPhone. Download your copy of the first book today. Then sit back, prop up your feet, take a sip of fresh-brewed coffee, and let the happy experience begin.

(Books 1-4 are also available in print at some bookstores and from the publisher’s website. They will be available in print on Amazon as well in the near future.)