Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged


This week I have borrowed a picture from BeautifulFreePictures.Com because it carries the message of Easter better than any photo I have taken personally.

When man rebelled against his Creator, he lost his opportunity to live with that holy Creator for eternity and was destined to be banished from His presence forever. But that loving God, who had not only created man, but longed for his companionship with all of His heart, had fore-knowingly “arranged” for a Savior to step in and take the punishment for man’s sin.

When that Savior came and lived a perfect life for man, then willingly went to the cross and died for man, accepting the separation from God that was part of the punishment, He did so in faith that what He and the Father had “arranged” would come to pass.  They had “arranged” that three days after the price was paid in full, Jesus would leave behind Him an empty tomb that bore witness of man’s total redemption.

As a result of that finished work, Jesus and the Father have also “arranged” for each one who will accept Jesus and His substitutionary sacrifice to also leave behind his own empty tomb and take up permanent residence in the presence of the Creator, to live with Him for eternity.