Living By Faith = Using Technology At It’s Highest Level


No man — using only his own mental resources — ever built a road, constructed a bridge, figured how to make a plane fly, built a computer, or created the software that makes a computer work. Nor did he invent the wheel, the gasoline engine, the watch, or anything else by using only his own brain power. We give people credit for these discoveries and inventions, but, in truth, it would have been impossible for anyone to have come up with them using only the finite mind of the human being — awesome and amazing as that finite mind is.

No, the truth is that everyone of those concepts and the deux ex machina necessary to bring them into manifestation and make them usable came out of the mind of God. Check out Genesis 1:1 – “In the beginning, God …” The Spirit God didn’t turn to anyone else for ideas – or for materials to work with. When He wanted a universe – and a planet full of people to love – and a human race to love Him back – He looked within Himself and drawing out of what He already was, He brought everything else into being.

Just as He is the source of all light and life, so He is also the source of all true intelligence. And there has never been a great idea, an invention, or a successful process for doing anything that came into being except that He passed it on to His creation. Now, that doesn’t meant that every great thinker and creator was a Christian – or even a godly person. The Creator who gave us life, gladly gives us all the wonderful benefits of His supernatural intellect with which to enjoy that life and live it successfully – and even bear fruit for His kingdom — and it’s available for anyone who will take advantage of it.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t take much advantage of what He pours out in the areas of using our brains and being creative. But those of us who do crave the experiences of thinking more deeply, experimenting more thoroughly, searching for understanding that goes beyond our limited human educational feats, do eventually come into contact with what our Creator has poured out upon us. And when we make that connection, we see great advancements in science, the arts, industry, and technology.

So when we’re sitting at our computers, enjoying the amazing benefits of programs like Microsoft Word or Open Office – or we are traveling by plane to destinations thousands of miles away and enjoying the movie while our pilot sips his coffee in the cockpit while the machine he’s flying through nothing but air stays right on course — we need to take a lesson from the technology we’re enjoying: All this scientific technological ‘stuff’ came to us from God. Yeah – the Spirit God who created everything we can see and hear and touch. So that means God is the ultimate scientific, technological genius. There’s nothing He can’t do, make, or fix from His position of the Spirit Ruler of the entire universe.

What does that mean for us as believers? Well, to begin with, it means that believing – operating by faith – really is scientific. In fact, it’s as scientific as we can get. Because the one who created every scientific/technological concept, and the way to make it work, is the God who gave us faith and told us to live by it. We are the equivalent of the most sophisticated computers, living on this earth – as ambassadors of God’s Kingdom. He has placed into us His own peculiar software: Faith and His Word. That software makes us able to download everything from the spirit realm that He has already made ready for us.

The Word shows us how to do it and provides the input data. Then faith takes hold of that word and applies it to every problem, every storm, every need, and every dream and vision, pulling from God’s Kingdom Internet all that is necessary to deliver, heal, repair, overcome, and create. Whatever we need in this physical realm has already been paid for by Jesus and is sitting in “The Cloud” of the Kingdom of God, waiting for us to hit the “Enter” key by prayer and thanksgiving.

Living our lives in prayer and faith is not living — as some describe it — being so “heavenly minded that we’re no earthly good.”  No, indeed! Living by prayer and faith is making the scientific use of the most advanced technology at its highest level.


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