A Page From My Journals # 1


During my 50 plus years in ministry, I have filled multiple notebooks and journal pages — and little loose pieces of paper — with the thoughts and truths the Lord has quickened to me as I studied or meditated His Word. I did finally try to stop using those “little pieces of paper” because it was so hard to keep track of them, and I’d spend too much time hunting for them when I started to think again about what I’d written on them. I switched to legal-pad notebooks — especially for planning Bible lessons — but even they tended to get lost or turn up. So in more recent years, I’ve tried to record all my thoughts and devotions in journals so that they would be easier to find and less likely to get torn or scattered far and wide.

But I often find myself re-reading pages of these journals and feel blessed by the encouraging things the Lord had me write on those pages. I’ll then consider what other material I’ve written — in other journals — that go along with that material to make a great Bible lesson. My next thought is that I need to get all those pages together and get the lesson written so it’s ready to teach at a meeting or on my  website or YouTube channel. Unfortunately, when I make that decision, that puts a hold on my sharing because I have to do all the work of rounding up all the parts of the material  and getting them organized — and maybe studying to add a few other bits and pieces to tie it all together — and that means I post much less often.

But this week the Lord seemed to stop me in the middle of such thoughts and suggested that I start creating posts where I share just what’s on one particular page of one particular journal each time.  If the truth that He shared with me was a blessing to me — apart from an entire lesson — then surely it could be a blessing to others as well. I felt He said that I don’t always have to teach an entire lesson, but can just enjoy passing on one important thought or one valuable revelation from His Word and His heart. After all, most of the wonderful things I’ve learned about Him have come to me in little bits at a time.

So I’ve decided to begin this series “A Page From My Journals” as a way of posting much more often and sharing some of the wonderful, enlightening, comforting, and sometimes life-changing things the Lord has given to me, small segments at a time. Today’s post is the first in that series, and I’m making it particular short since I’ve written so much here today already. I hope this series blesses you.

SUNRISE OVER GREEN FIELD -- super brightTheDigitalArtist

A Page From My Journals:

My Father is Light, and there is no darkness in Him. Therefore, I am a daughter of Light, and there should be no darkness in me.  ( 1 John 1:5).

My Father is the Father of Light, and there is no variableness or shadow of turning in Him. Therefore, I am a daughter of light, and there must be no variableness or shadow of turning in me either. (James 1:17).

I am spirit. I have a soul, and I live in a body. I (my spirit man) has been born again and has become the righteousness of God, so my spirit is full of light. (2 Corinthians 5: 21). But there is still darkness that must be cleaned out of my soul and body. I cannot cleanse that darkness out myself. But as I soak up God’s Word — which is light — the darkness is gradually washed away and replaced. When my focus is on Him alone, my eye is single, and His light can then fill all of me. (Matthew 6:22).

journal photo courtesy of Ulleo @ pixabay.com
sunrise photo courtesy of The Digital Artist @ pixabay.com


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