3 thoughts on “Psalm 91 is For Today

  1. Here’s my version of Psalm 91:

    1,2 The one who trusts in God shall dwell
    In fortress safe, secure.
    The shadow of the one Most High,
    The One who’s holy, pure.

    3 From trapper’s snare, it’s He who saves,
    From deadly pestilence.
    4 Seek refuge, all, beneath His wings;
    Dwell safely in His tents.

    5 No fear of terror by the night,
    Or arrow by the day;
    6 Or pestilence that stalks the dark
    Has man who walks God’s way.

    7 Beside, a thousand men may fall,
    Ten thousand to the right.
    The righteous man will not be harmed;
    8 He’ll see the wicked’s plight.

    9 For you have made the Lord your hope;
    Most High, your dwelling place.
    11 He’ll give His angels charge o’er you;
    They’ll guard each step you trace.

    12 They’ll bear you up with mighty hands;
    Your foot won’t strike a stone.
    13 You’ll tread on cobra and the lion
    Because you God enthrone.

    14-16 Because he loved Me, I will save;
    Set him securely high,
    And when he calls, beset by foes,
    I’ll hear his troubled cry.


      1. It’s in my book My Poems of God’s Psalms and Proverbs – a poem in rhyme and rhythm of each of the 150 Psalms and all of Proverbs in verse with rhyme and rhythm. My other book is The Doubloons of the Day with verse that is mainly not religious. I’ll have a book of religious poems out in the next year or two, God willing.
        Most of Proverbs is in couplets and I’ve matched that in those places. One exception is the excellent woman in Prov.31.

        10 Who is the man so fortunate to find
        A noble wife in actions, and in mind?
        Such wife to him is more than rubies worth,
        A treasure far above all else on earth.
        11 Her husband’s right to trust her with his heart,
        For she, to him, great riches will impart.
        12 She brings him naught but good all of her days
        And causes him to marvel and to praise.
        13 With wool and flax her hands work with delight.
        15 She rises ere the sun has touched the night
        14 So family and servants have a meal.
        She’s like a merchant ship with slicing keel
        That brings her precious goods from far and near.
        16 She buys a field; plants vines, the yields appear.
        17 She’s energetic and her arms are strong;
        18 The sun sets but her lamp keeps burning long.
        To make her trading good, she takes great care.
        19 She spins with diligence and skill that’s rare
        20 With hands that also help the poor in need.
        21 She has no fear that Winter will succeed
        With its cold heart to bring her loved ones harm.
        The clothes she’s made will keep her fam’ly warm.
        22 She made her bedspreads and they are the best;
        With purple gowns and linen she is dressed.
        23 Her husband’s well-respected at the gate
        Where he and city’s leaders judge, debate.
        24 She makes fine linen garments and then sells
        To merchants who then buy her belts as well.
        25 She decks herself in strength and dignity;
        She views the unknown future happily.
        26 She is both wise and gentle in her speech
        With kindness as a honey gi’en to each.
        27 The bread of idleness she does not eat.
        Her fam’ly’s needs is what she wants to meet.
        28 Her children will rise up and bless her name.
        29 Her husband, even more, will do the same.
        So many daughters have done nobly, well.
        But you, good wife, all others do excel.
        30 Charm is deceitful and youth’s beauty vain,
        But she who fears the Lord will have great gain –
        31 The praise of all who gather by the gates
        And God’s sweet “Enter in” for her awaits.


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