Weekly Smile 81

WOMAN LEAPING - REDThis week has been particularly hard for me. I’ve experienced a number of trials and challenges to my faith. I am confident that God has me headed toward sure victory in all of them, but the experience has been something of a downer. So today, when I came across a post from three days ago from a ministry that I generally follow daily (but had missed out on this week), it made me smile — really big.

Crown of Glory International Ministries, based in Alaska, USA, offers daily meditations on God’s Word to build and encourage faith. This post from July 17 immediately made me smile — not only because of what was written there — but also because it brought to my mind one of my favorite Psalms, which I had not read in some time — Psalm 16.

So I hopped right over to Psalm 16 to pick up on the point the Lord was making to me today, and I read verse 11: “Thou wilt make known to me the paths of life; In Thy presence is fullness of joy; in Thy right hand there are pleasures forever.” And that made me smile even more.

Yep, all it takes is to remind ourselves just how big our God is — and how faithful He is to keep His Word and answer our prayers — to understand that in Him is everything we need. And we can smile every day, all the way to our manifested victory.

If you check out Pure Glory’s site or Psalm 16, I trust that they will bring you a huge smile and a rested soul as well.

To participate in ‘Weekly Smile,’ visit Trent’s World.



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