Weekly Smile 80

If you’d like to share what made you smile this week, visit Trent’s World and get the details.

One of the things that made me smile this week was visiting my own Christmas website: “Merry Christmas World!”  I love, love, love Christmas, and when I hop over to that site it always blesses me. I scroll through all those articles, pictures, and videos, and have Christmas any time of year. I’ll give you the link here in case some of the rest of you love Christmas as much as I, and you can visit any time you want.


SEARS 1945 COVERBut that’s not all. Because that smile-producing experience led to another. While there, I naturally went back over some links I have to the Vintage Christmas Catalog Site at wishbookweb.com. What a delight it is to spend time there. Now, first of all, you do have to love Christmas catalogs. But I grew up — my sister and I grew up — loving them so much we spent hours and hours in them every year.

And I love history as well, so going back through some of these catalogs from years before I was born is a delightful journey into the history of our nation and our culture. And, of course, when I get to the years that covered my growing up years, it’s amazing how many things my sister and I have found that we actually ordered — or our parents ordered to give as gifts to us.

The site offers catalogs from the 1930’s through the 1990’s. And they’ve revamped the whole site this year, so that when you look at each catalog, you can actually “hear” the swish of each page turning. I simply cannot visit there without smiling — big!  I’ve put the link in the site’s address above, so hopefully some of you will visit and have as much fun there as I do.



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