The Rescue: A Christmas Story – Part 1


I pray this story blesses you during this Christmas season.

The Happy Wordcrafter

The following story is fiction – as are all the characters and the setting. However, the story was inspired directly by the real-life story of one of the most effective and compassionate men in ministry today. Bill Wilson, who is the founder of Metro World Child in New York City, was actually abandoned as a child and left alone on the streets of his home city in Florida. He was eventually rescued and greatly helped by a loving man of God, and that love led Bill Wilson to devote his entire life to rescuing inner-city children and ministering to their most vital needs – as well as those of their families.

The results of his work, both in the U. S. and internationally, would fill volumes. I have listened to him tell his own story more than once. He always concludes that story by sharing why he does what he does…

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3 thoughts on “The Rescue: A Christmas Story – Part 1

    1. Thank you. Bill used to come into my home area periodically, due to his interaction with the TCT Christian Broadcasting Network, which has it’s world headquarters just a few miles from me. He spoke at a number of meetings, and always shared his testimony. One night as I was listening to him share, I realized that the story of how one man’s compassion can change a life forever — and plant seeds of compassion in another man that can change millions of lives — needed to be re-told again and again. It was actually a few years before I felt I had the right story line to use. One day, the Lord just sort of dropped it into my spirit.

      I’ve shared it in other places and times — and even included it in a Christmas anthology. People are always deeply touched by it and by how God can take such a hopeless situation and turn it around to bear abundant fruit for His Kingdom. The truth and beauty of the experience never grow old.

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