What Will Christmas Bring?


I wrote this poem a couple years ago, but entering the Christmas season brings it back strongly to my mind today, so I’m re-visiting it.


“What will Christmas bring, Mom?”
“Why, Son, ’twill bring you lots of toys and joys.”
“What else will Christmas bring, Mom?”
“Well, fun and games with other girls and boys.”

“But later on in life, Mom,
Will Christmas mean a lot when I am grown?”
“Oh, yes, it will mean more, Son.
For as you grow, a great truth you’ll be shown.

“You’ll learn that Jesus came, Son,
Not just to be a babe in manger sweet,
But to grow up a strong man,
Horrible death and suffering to meet.

“He came to take our sin, Son
And pay the price for it on Calvary.
So God could look upon us all
And shout, ‘From sin and all its curse you’re free!’”

“But I love the little babe, Mom.
I don’t want to think He died for me.”
“That’s what makes Christmas grand, Son:
That Jesus came and died to set us free.”

“You mean, the little baby, Mom?
He had to die and never live again?”
“No, Son, on Resurrection Day,
He rose victorious o’er death for all men.

“This truth of Christmas time, Son –
I now think you begin to understand.
It was the birth of death to sin,
And of eternal life for every man.”






2 thoughts on “What Will Christmas Bring?

  1. I was about to ask where it is that I sign up to follow, when I saw it below this comment box when it opened. I’m supposed to be following your blog, thought I was, and either I’m not or something hasn’t worked right. So, I clicked to follow. Hope it works this time. 🙂


    1. Hi, Dennis. I checked my stats page, and it says you are following this site, so I think it’s working. This particular theme has most everything in the “MENU” tab up in the right-hand corner. If you click on that, it has a drop-down window that has all my pages, categories, Follow button, archives, and links to my other “homes” online. In one way it’s very convenient because it keeps extra stuff in a neat place, but if people don’t notice it, they can miss stuff as well. I bet you found a “Follow” button in the footer, and I wasn’t even aware that it was there. Thanks for going to all that trouble.


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