There Is Sunshine










There is sunshine in my heart,
A bubbling river gently flowing,
Soft, sweet-scented breezes blowing
From the Spirit of the Lord.

There is laughter in my soul;
Merry melodies are singing;
Joy bells through my mind are ringing
From the Spirit of the Lord.

Troubles cannot quench the laughter.
Storm clouds can’t put out the sun.
All that threatens to defeat me
Will be gone, no more to haunt me:
The Spirit of the Lord will overcome.

So if the fig tree shows no blossom,
If no flock is in the fold,
I’ll yet rejoice in my salvation:
The Word that brought forth all creation
Is still True. And my faith glistens as pure gold.




1 thought on “There Is Sunshine

  1. Habakkuk… Love it! Blessings, d

    Liked by 1 person

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