Running With Jesus


Whom do you run with?  Is that terminology familiar to you? In some circles the term “running with” refers to spending one’s time frequently interacting with certain people — identifying with them — people who have similar interests and goals — the people we consider our best friends and buddies.

Sometimes the people we choose to “run with” make a huge difference in what we do with our lives, what advantages or disadvantages we fall heir to, and what other people think of us. Most people try to “run with” individuals or groups that make them feel comfortable, but occasionally someone gets courageous enough to “run with” another person because he presents a lifestyle that is challenging, exciting, or dangerous.

Personally, I like the company I “run with.” The head guy is Jesus Christ, and I’ve found that “running with” Him is  comfortable, but it is also challenging and exciting at the same time. Here’s just a small example of what life is like in that world:

Running with Jesus means giving instructions to trees and mountains and having them obey immediately.

Running with Jesus means always having plenty to eat, because we can multiply loaves and fishes any time.

Running with Jesus means always having enough money to pay my taxes or any other obligation because if there’s no money handy, I can always go fishing and get some.

Running with Jesus means telling angry storms to shut up and be quiet.

Running with Jesus means walking on the water.

Running with Jesus means telling the devil and his demons what bus to take and what stop to get off at.

Running with Jesus means loving people, feeding them when they’re hungry, and healing their hurting bodies.

Running with Jesus means forgiving others every time they mess up and giving them another chance.

Running with Jesus means praying constantly.

Running with Jesus means experiencing total peace and rest no matter what the circumstances.

Running with Jesus means having the Creator of the whole universe as my Father and knowing I am accepted and loved beyond words for eternity.

If you’re not already “running with” Jesus, why don’t you leave whatever group you are “running with” and join us. You’ll never be sorry.

“For those whom He foreknew, He also predestined to become conformed to the image of His Son ….” (Romans 8:29).



3 thoughts on “Running With Jesus

  1. I love “running with Jesus!” He has blessed me with a group of close friends and we “run with Jesus” and each other every chance we get! He has favored us many times when we have attended conferences, travel destinations, heck, even standing in the waiting line:) My life has NEVER been the same since I met and fell in love with Jesus! Love your post sister! blessings, d


    1. Having a group of people that you feel one with in the Lord is truly a great gift. It’s also a rare thing to have in this day and age, but God’s grace can bring us together with just the right people if we believe Him.

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      1. Yes, people are “afraid” turning their lives over to God, will mean a “boring, unhappy, He might make me do the Issac thing.” That is just another lie from the one who wants to keep them from “running with Jesus!” Issac means “laughter” and Jesus is so exciting, and fun to “run the road” with. Heck, even with the “valley” gets tough, He’s right there walking it through with us:) No better Guide then He! Wonderful! Yep, that’s our Jesus!! blessings, d

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