Tower of Refuge

Photo: Copyright 2014 Terry Valley

“The God of my rock, in Him will I trust:
He is my high tower and my refuge, my Savior.”

(2 Samuel 22:3)




7 thoughts on “Tower of Refuge

    1. Isn’t it? Terry and I have known each other since high school and have remained friends all these years. He lives far away from me, but he often sends me samples of his current photographic endeavors. He’s a terrific photographer and could be offering these for sale only, but I’m glad he lets me share them for free.

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        1. It’s in Perry Creek Recreational area in Jackson County, Wisconsin. It’s a heavily wooded area with a large creek running through it. I have a photo on here of the creek as well — on a post I did several months ago.

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          1. If you’re interested in more of what that area is like, here are some links to other posts I’ve done featuring Terry’s pictures from that part of Wisconsin. He lives in Onalaska, and Perry Creek is just under an hour’s drive from his home. The huge rock formation in this week’s post and the photo of the creek itself are from there. The other pictures are from areas closer to Onalaska, but all in the same general vicinity of La Crosse and Jackson Counties.


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