Sabbath Rest Invitational — Week 2


Jesus tells us in Matthew 11: 28  “Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.  And in Hebrews 4:9, the Lord says, “There remaineth, therefore, a Sabbath rest unto the people of God.” The only true rest comes from the Creator of all things, through His Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Sometimes, we get so busy that we forget to spend time with Him in order to absorb His rest. Hopefully, this series of Sunday posts will help us focus on enjoying that rest He so lovingly wants us to have.

I don’t call “Sabbath Rest” a challenge — rather an INVITATION. If you have a photo, a graphic, a favorite scripture passage, or a short quote that represents REST to you, please share it via this “Sabbath Rest” series.

Here’s How:  Simply post your photo or text on your own site; then hop over here to my “Sabbath Rest” post each week and paste the link to yours in the “Comments” box. That’s it. We’ll all get a chance to visit other sites and benefit from the “Rest” offered on each one.

My submission for week 2 is a little chorus the Lord gave me while in His presence one morning.


Color edited for this post.

I rest my soul
In the bosom of the Father.
I rest my soul
Deep within my God.
I rest my soul
In the Maker of creation,
And safe in Him,
I rest.

(photo: © Kevin Bell: courtesy of


2 thoughts on “Sabbath Rest Invitational — Week 2

  1. This is an interesting Invitation. Probably it is all over by now. I am running a German blog that centers on Matthew 11:28-20. The idea of choosing pictures that make you feel at rest is quite challenging. I am not sure if I have any such pictures or if I can create any by Image manipulation. Yet the idea would fit in well with my blog. Thanks!


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I ran this invitational for about 5 weeks, but only one other person took part in it. I hope you find pictures you can use to post some things about resting in the Lord. It’s very important.You might also enjoy visiting Lee’s Birdwatching Adventures Plus. The lady who runs that site is a strong Christian, and she and her husband are bird experts. They post about God’s creation from the aspect of birds and she often posts things about peace and rest as well. Here’s the link in case you want to visit her site:

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