Desperate Faith Results In Breakthrough

This post really blessed me particularly today. It was originally posted in 2011, but the Lord graciously led me to it on this day in 2014, when it spoke to my need for encouragement from Him. I’m reposting it in case there are some of my readers who need the same kind of encouragement as well.

Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub

We are in a season of breakthrough and breakout in our lives. This breakthrough will come for people with determination to have all that God has for them. Their focus is on the Lord  and they will not allow anyone or anything to deter them from their breakthrough. They repeatedly tell themselves that once they reach Jesus they will have all that they need. No matter the hardships, setbacks and failures that they meet, they continue to press for fulfillment of their God-given desires and destiny.

Those who press through adversity are like the woman, who had blood flowing for 12 years. (Mark 5:24-34) She never gave up looking for a cure and spent all of her money on physicians, trying to get better. Instead her physical condition worsened and she had great suffering. She heard about Jesus and still had faith for her healing.

Although a large…

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