Would You Make Your Child Sick?

There is one particularly hateful lie that runs rampant throughout the halls of theology in our generation. In fact, it has been spread abroad for multiple generations now and continues to grow. Now, all lies are hateful, of course, and all of them are born out of Satan himself, as God’s Word clearly tells us. But this particular lie seems especially abhorrent because it robs God’s people of their health and life, while all the time convincing them that it is God’s perfect will for them to suffer the loss of both. And, in fact, it draws its power from the premise that God is an abusive parent who willfully and consistently CHOOSES to withhold his power to heal in order to make sure His children suffer exactly the “right” amount that is “good for them.”

That belief, dear one, is ABHORRENT HERESY, and if you have been a victim of it, you must get your mind renewed by the truth and throw off that ugly lie in order to receive your healing and your continued health from your Father God – who is a good parent – all the time.

It boggles the mind to try to figure out how any human being could actually believe that inflicting – or deliberately permitting someone else to inflict – pain, disease, mutilation, and suffering on one’s child is a “loving” act. But that’s what we are told by a majority of Christians and traditional teachings of almost every church denomination. The teaching takes a number of different forms, but ultimately it says the same thing – that everything coming into the lives of a Christian is God’s will for them, including sickness, disease, mutilation, horrific pain, and physical suffering of any kind. The teaching sometimes goes so far as to say that God causes the sickness, but most of the time it just says that God “allows” the devil and his forces to put disease and physical suffering on God’s children to that they can “learn a lesson” or “grow to be more like Jesus.”

Now, dear one, let’s get real here. We’re talking parenting. Let’s look at ourselves and our families. Most of the people reading this article are parents or plan to be parents someday. Ask yourself – and answer honestly – would you ever – ever – ever deliberately call in an enemy of yours and give them permission to physically hurt your child or make your child sick so that the child would “learn” something from the experience? Would you ever deliberately allow your enemy to make your child sick so that the child would “become more like you”? Of course you would not. 

And what do we do to parents who are guilty of beating, scalding, mutilating or starving their children, or making them sick in any other way? We put them in jail!!!!! Why is that? Because we KNOW that any parent who treats a child that way does not truly love that child, and in fact, that parent himself has some serious problems that need to be treated professionally before he is allowed to spend time around his children or anyone else’s children again.

So are we saying, then, that we are BETTER PARENTS THAN GOD? We wouldn’t do that to our children, but God does it all the time, and it’s to show His love? I have had scores of Christians argue with me and actually fight for the right to believe that God sometimes wants His children to suffer sickness. But they would never do that to their own children. So they are saying that they are better parents than God. Do you see, dear Christian, the total insanity of such an idea? And Jesus tells us clearly and distinctly in Matthew chapter 7 and Luke chapter 11 that if we, being evil as we are, would never hurt our own children, then God can be trusted much more to never harm His own children.

You know, I would much rather have a God who COULD NOT deliver me from harm and sickness than a God was perfectly capable of delivering me but WOULD NOT. When we talk about “allowing,” if we are saying that a strong parent has the power to stop an enemy from afflicting his child but refuses to do — in other words “allows” the affliction — that would be worse than a parent who did not have the power or the knowledge to be able to deliver his child. To deliberately “allow” hurt when we can stop it is the same as inflicting it ourselves.

Some people seem to have a problem with understanding God’s sovereignty? They think the fact that God is sovereign means that He can just arbitrarily decide to help someone or not, depending on how He feels that day, and that even though there are promises of healing in His Word, He “decides” not to keep those promises if He thinks making someone sick will teach them something. Well, God most definitely is sovereign, but we must remember that He is the one who CHOSE – in his sovereign will – to BIND HIMSELF into a covenant with man. It was His choice alone to give us His Word that if we would come into covenant with Him, we could count on certain things from Him – which included our health and protection from the curse that came into this word though sin. (And that curse – according to Deuteronomy 28 – includes every kind of sickness and disease and every kind of physical affliction). We learn in Galatians, chapter 3 that Jesus Christ took that curse for us and delivered us from it. And we have the covenant promise of God that as far as He is concerned, we are entitled to healing as a result of the stripes of Jesus Christ. (Isaiah 53:4-5).

Even under the Old Covenant, God promised His people that He would be their doctor and that if they would walk in His ways, He would heal them when sickness came upon them. (Exodus 15:23, Exodus 23:25-26). The promises to the New Covenant man are even better. According to 2 Corinthians 1:20, every one of them is already answered “Yes,” in Jesus Christ and His finished work, so they are forever settled.

Unfortunately, God doesn’t always get His way. He tells us in His Word that there have been many times when He wanted things to happen a certain way, but because man would not cooperate, He could not get His way. Man is the one who allowed the devil to operate on this earth, and until the earth is finished and God brings on the new heaven and the new earth, the devil and his forces are going to be operating here. Because God will not break His word, and because part of His promise is that man is free to operate in free will and choose to live God’s way or the devil’s (the world’s) way, God has no choice but to allow us to choose and allow the enemy to operate here.

We chose to give the devil a place, and God will not go back on His word to allow us that choice. So in that sense, God allows sickness in the same way that He allows murder, theft, gossip, adultery, and war. Man makes his choices, and man lives with the results. Even then, however, repentance and a plea for God’s mercy can often soften the blow of those results in our lives.

Now, there are times when people do not receive their healing from the Lord. There are many reasons why they do not receive. Sometimes we can find out from the Lord what those reasons are, and sometimes it is none of our business. It is simply between that person and the Lord. But we must never, never, never accuse God of breaking His promise to heal and refusing to answer a sincere prayer for healing because He wants His child to be sick. That idea is a lie, and everything in the New Covenant scriptures and everything in the life of Jesus Christ when He lived on this earth in order to show us what God is like proves it.

So if you are dealing with sickness or physical affliction of any kind, and you want your Heavenly Father to deliver you, begin at the beginning right now. Begin by believing the absolute truth that the Lord wants you well – not sick. He wants you well so much that Jesus took all of that sickness, disease, and mutilation upon Himself for you. ( Isaiah, chapters 52 and 53, Matthew 8: 6-7). Then study His Word to find all the promises of healing and health and begin to apply them to your body and your situation. As you study that Word and read it to your own body and soul, new faith will come, and you can reach out and receive the healing that the Lord – the BEST PARENT IN THE UNIVERSE – has been wanting to give you all along.



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