Sonel’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Nature


I love black and white photos, so I wanted to take part in Sonel’s challenge. This gorgeous Blue Spruce is in my front yard. I think it’s one of God’s most perfect creations.  

If you’d like to participate, you can find out about the challenge on her site:



9 thoughts on “Sonel’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Nature

  1. What an amazing shot of the spruce indeed Sandra. You’ve captured it so well! 😀
    Thanks for taking part in the challenge and I am very glad you enjoyed. 🙂 *hugs*


    1. I love this tree very much. It was given to me by a man who had it growing in an old wooden tub. It was struggling to receive sunlight from beneath another tree and was leaning sideways. When he went to pull it from the tub, he found that it had forced its roots between the tiny crack in the wooden slats and rooted itself in the solid ground. It was determined to live. It was barely 5 feet high and leaning to the side, but now it is at least 20 feet tall and standing straight as an arrow.


      1. Yes, Spruces wants sunlight but not too much either. We have a few here too on the pavement. They are so lovely and the birds love them. I am glad you saved it and that it’s giving you so much joy now. 😀


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