New Christmas Blog!


Hey, folks, I have a brand new Christmas blog: “Merry Christmas, World!”  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Christmas!  And personally I celebrate it all year long — playing carols and Christmas movies 12 months a year. Yet there is something very special about celebrating it with everyone else in December as well. This year I have treated myself to a brand new Christmas blog.  I will try to include a multitude of different things on there so that, hopefully, it will become a place where all of you will feel at home.  

Be sure to go over and visit the site at the link below, and while you are there, look over on the right — in the widget column — and you will see a section labeled “Pages On This Site.”  In that list you will find a page titled “Christmas In My World.” That page is there for all of you to be able to share things that make Christmas special in your own world.  You may share a memory, a story, a poem, a joke, photos, recipes, or anything else your heart desires. Feel free to post as often as you like.

(Only Positive Things, Of Course: No comments from Grinches allowed.)

You may post everything you want to say in the “Comment” box, or you can leave a link there to your own site, so that visitors can come to your home and see what you have to share.

I have much more work to do on it, but it’s open for visitors any time. Some new people whom I’ve never met have already found it. So come on over, via the link below, and join us when you get time:


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