You Win!


If you’ve found a promise in God’s Word and applied it to that problem, then stand your ground and keep praising the Lord for the answer. Do not give up, no matter how long it’s taking, or how bad it looks, because …

Jesus always has one more move to make.



One thought on “You Win!

  1. Not a bad little problem (‘White to win’, I assume?) but

    what you’re calling “God’s Word” turns out, if you read it, to be something else.

    There is a basic message from God there. But it’s wrapped in a great many human words; and when people start mistaking words for The Word, they end up stoning each other for eating oysters!

    Interpretation, interpretation, interpretation!

    And Who do you have to ask, to know what God wants to tell you through it?

    So far as we’re both connected to that one, we can understand each other. Connected to ‘ideas about’ — not at all.


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