In Memoriam: Dora Saint

My world is sad right now: I learned this week that one of my favorite authors passed away very recently.  Dora Saint (better known by her pen name Miss Read) was a prolific writer of novels, as well as magazine articles and British television programs. But it was her novels that endeared her to me.  They were truly some of the most uplifting, comforting, life-appreciating novels I have ever read.  I have read most of them over and over again — and in fact am in the middle of one right now.

I’m always saddened when someone with such a powerful gift and talent from God departs this earth and leaves us a little poorer. But she wrote scores and scores of books in her 90+ years, and her gift to the world is still very much alive.

I post this memorial in honor of Dora Saint, in gratitude for her legacy, and for the joy she has given and continues to give.  I only hope that I can at least come close to being as influential and life-affirming for my readers as she has been for me and for the tens of thousands of other readers who have loved her dearly.

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