Weekly Photo Challenge — Unusual

I live in Illinois, and Azaleas bloom ONLY in April or May in our region.  I have several Azalea bushes in my yard, and I have never seen one bloom during any of the winter months at all.  But this year, in the middle of December, this one white Azalea started blooming all of a sudden.  I thought perhaps the blooms would hold out for a day or two and then be frozen too much to hang on.  But these blooms kept coming and lasted for almost two weeks.  You see them here as the background for my Christmas lights, strung along my front porch railing.  I snapped the picture at night, so you cannot see the bush well, but you can recognize the blooms. This event was most definitely UNUSUAL.

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge — Unusual

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  2. My lilacs didn’t bloom last spring, but instead waited until October to put on quite a show. It was a weird year. I had a Rose of Sharon next to the lilacs which had always been white with a cranberry center, but it had beautiful pink-striped petals last year. Can’t wait to see what it does this year after our non-winter.


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