Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

Indulging a Life-long Dream

I have a friend who, throughout his childhood looked wistfully at the gingerbread houses that many families made at Christmas time.  He wished silently for one, but his family never chose to make that part of their holiday celebrations. After he became an adult, they still caught his attention every year, and he wondered what it would be like to build one of his own. But he kept letting time go by without acting on the dream. Finally, at the age of 52, he took the plunge, bought himself a complete kit, as well as an extra kit for gingerbread people and trees, and built himself a gingerbread house. He added a couple of trees and a gingerbread couple to inhabit his gingerbread home. I took pictures of it in order to preserve the long-awaited event for posterity.

Then we ATE it!

So what are photos of a gingerbread house doing on a “Hangin’ Out With God” site — other than showing off? Nothing except serving to remind us that God loves a child-like heart. Jesus said whoever wanted to receive the Kingdom of God would do so, not by having a sophisticated mind that could reason everything out, but by becoming like a little child.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

    • Thanks for commenting. And thanks for the compliment on the house. My friend who did it was a little concerned that his “snow” was too “droopy.” But I told him I thought it looked much more realistic than so many of them do. I’ll be sure and tell him of your compliment.

      I hopped over to your site. It’s lovely, and I think your subtitle, “squeezing the moment, sharing the joy” is so creative and expressive. Didn’t have much time left to visit tonight, but I will be back.


  1. My daughter just made her first Gingerbread house (she’s 19 and a College Student in Va) and she sent me tonssss of pictures! I could really relate to the wonder of building a Gingerbread House!

    God really provides for us everything for our enjoyment, isn’t it? (1 Timothy 6:17)

    Have a great weekend and I’m happy for your friend!



    • It does, doesn’t it? I thought he did a terrific job. He was concerned that his “snow” looked kind of “droopy.” But I told him that made it look all the more realistic. I’ll tell him what you said. Thanks for taking the time to comment. The Lord bless you today!


    • I think he felt a little that way. But, then what good is gingerbread if you don’t eventually eat it, right? But what he actually did was kind of sweet. I had helped him plan the procedure and encouraged him, but he wanted to do the actual building single-handedly. So that was the plan. However, when he started on it, we had a severe snowstorm and ended up with a foot of snow and lots of ice, so we were barely able to navigate in our town for several days. He made it to his office and built the house there, but I couldn’t get up there to see it, so he set it aside and waited. He did give me detailed description of all of it on the phone. I asked him on the phone it he wasn’t anxious to eat it, and he said, “Well, I thought you’d want to see it all done before I ate any of it. So I’ll wait.” And he did.


  2. The gingerbread house looks great! I’ve never made one, but I do love gingerbread cookies:)

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I came back here to browse around some more now that I have more time.


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