Weekly Photo Challenge — “Down”


“Down” was the paramount feeling of all the people living in this little hamlet of Sunnyside, Illinois, who could not even find the lane they traveled in their daily schedule, let alone use it. Sunnyside Lane was under deep water for almost two weeks during an unusual period of flooding in the area.  A couple of the neighbors who owned boats managed to get some people and supplies back and forth, but life was a lot more difficult for quite a few citizens until these flood waters went “down,” and the road re-appeared.

A good friend of mine, Pastor Ralph Brandon, was born in Sunnyside and still lives there, along with his wife, and two of his children who also make their homes close by. He is well known for his gift of sharing serious Gospel truths wrapped up in the “down-home” humor of stories about the “down-home” friends and neighbors from Sunnyside. Many of those nuggets of humor and truth are now available in Ralph’s book Stories From The Sunnyside of Life.  If you think you’d like to know more about it or possibly order a copy, you can visit his publisher’s website at StEllenPress.Com.

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